The Open Argumentation Platform (OAPl) pronounced “opal” is a suite of argumentation software that includes APIs, libraries, and user interfaces that work together to support a range of argument-oriented computational tasks and associated pipelines. OAPl is an open platform that is built around a suite of open-development, free-software tools, released under a permissive license. By developing and promoting open standards, the goal is to develop sustainable argumentation software, that finds real world uptake beyond the argumentation theory community, and which can act as a flexible framework for investigating new, and extending existing, techniques in argument analysis, processing, visualisation, and reuse.


The tools that make up the platform are designed to support a range of argumentcentric activities such as reasoning over argument resources, dialogically-oriented interaction, manual argument analysis, and automated argument analysis. The suite currently comprises seven software tools which can be combined and configured to form a variety of argument pipelines. These tools all aim to have the following:


OAPl currently comprises the following software tools:


Some of the indiivudal tools within OAPl have been published and information about citing them individually can be found on the respective pages of each tool. However, if you want to cite OAPl itself then please use the following:

S. Wells, "The Open Argumentation PLatform (OAPl)" in Computational Models of Argument, Proceedings of the Eigth International Conference on Computational Models of Argument (COMMA 2020). Perugia, Italy.

Support or Contact

Having trouble or want to get involved with OAPl? The easiest way is to just find one of the tools that interests you, fork it's repo, and get hacking. If you're more sociable then feel free to get in touch as well. For the moment, the best person to contact is Simon s.wells@napier.ac.uk